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Problem: A regional economic development agency used several different methods to manage contacts and process e-mail. Unfortunately, the mixed environment made it extremely difficult to share contact information, coordinate schedules between employees, and perform specialized mailing functions. Also, the several employees who traveled extensively were unable to access their CRM assets from the road.


SeedMuse performed a Technology Assessment and determined that the group required a more uniform working environment. We recommended a feature-rich, user-friendly, web-based CRM solution, and a straightforward e-mail solution, addressing all employees' needs. With client approval, we then implemented these specific CRM and e-mail solutions.


Technology Assessment revealed that most employees were using Microsoft Outlook on local workstations, while a few were using server-based ACT. The office relied on a Windows NT 4.0 server and Windows NT workstations. To provide maximum compatibility (with both in-office and remote access), we recommended a web-based CRM and MS Outlook solution. After careful review of existing web-based CRM solutions, we recommended SalesForce. This solution provided:
  • Import of current Outlook and ACT data
  • Account and contact management
  • Opportunity and pipeline management
  • Forecasting and lead management
  • Detailed reporting (both standard and user customized)
  • Ability to sync data with Outlook and Palm PDA's
  • Free on-going, user-scheduled training for users and administrators
  • Secure access, available from any browser
  • Inexpensive per-user cost

Beyond the initial Technology Assessment and recommendations, SeedMuse provided the following services:
  • Performed initial administrator functions for the SalesForce account
  • Set up and configured user accounts
  • Collected, edited and imported ACT and MS Outlook data for each user
  • Set up syncing operations for each user
  • Verified all Outlook configurations for each user
  • Coordinated user and administrator training for Outlook and SalesForce

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