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SeedMuse ensemble members are among the best in their fields, thanks to diverse professional backgrounds. We've gathered years of technical knowledge from the earliest computing theory through today's newest applications.

Our Qualifications

SeedMuse technical capabilities extend through all mainstream platforms and operating systems. Our own offices sport happily networked Macintosh and Linux machines, using the most current operating system and application environments.

Technology Ensemble

Gary E. Stock, CEO and Technical Compass
Gary has programmed and lived with computers for over thirty years. In the early 1980's, he installed and trained users on IBM PC XT and Apple Macintosh systems, both within months of market introduction. He received his Bachelor of Arts cum laude from Kalamazoo College.

Gary has experience as a Systems and Programming Analyst with The Upjohn Company, creating database applications for critical business functions, and verifying system design for computerized production facilities. Previously, as Special Projects Cryptanalyst with the National Security Agency, Gary provided design and programming support for a variety of statistical modeling and communications analyses. His experience at NSA included daily use of the most powerful, codeword-classified technology on the planet.

As CTO of InGenius, Gary presented at Infonortics Search Engine Conference, Boston; Information Today National Online Meeting, New York; and Conference of the Association for Global Strategic Intelligence, The Hague. Also, the BBC, Austrian Broadcasting Company, and CNN Tech Chat have interviewed him regarding InGenius' EgoSurf service, and methods for internet privacy protection. Most recently, Stock has spoken on the culture and intrigue of a compelling web search style he calls "Googlewhacking." Feature reports by USA Today, Next@CNN, and Reuters were echoed in major dailies worldwide, as well as web, broadcast, and print venues in over a dozen languages.

With SeedMuse, Gary provides comparative analysis of technology options, translation of technical jargon into layman's terms, and guidance for technology roadmaps for our clients.
Other members of our ensemble -- those who originally created our Nexcerpt and Exfacto services -- now consult with Seedmuse as needed.

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