SeedMuse Technologies

SeedMuse Technologies, Inc. owns and operates Nexcerpt and Exfacto! automated news monitoring and publishing services -- conceived, designed, and implemented by Seedmuse staff.

Members of the Seedmuse ensemble also provide expert technology consulting and orientation. We work with both startup and established firms, and offer analysis, recommendation, and many aspects of implementation. We assist entrepreneurs with solid ideas and skills to realize their potential within a structured, well-administered environment.

Automated News Monitoring
Our Nexcerpt service offers the most complete news monitoring, annotating, and publishing system available. Exfacto! offers the same high-quality results, published automatically as PRISM XML. Both services constantly monitor over 6,000 news sources worldwide, qualifying and excerpting tens of thousands of unique articles every day.

Consulting Services
A good business helps its customers to excel; a great business helps its employees to excel. Of course, a truly successful business must accomplish both! Our philosophy and services address these needs. Seedmuse professional experience includes diverse consulting, entrepreneurial, and business operations -- from government offices to small businesses, non-profit agencies to Fortune 500 firms. Here are a few notes on our case studies and experience.

Ensemble Qualifications
SeedMuse ensemble members are among the best in their fields, thanks to diverse professional backgrounds. We've gathered years of technical knowledge from the earliest computing theory through today's newest applications. Here we present our ensemble qualifications.

Contact SeedMuse
SeedMuse is always ready for a challenge, and we love what we do. If you're still looking for the right answers to your business technical questions -- well, apparently you haven't called SeedMuse yet! We can help, but only if you take a moment to contact us.

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